Why Would a Tenant Use an Office Building Mobile Concierge App?

By September 14, 2016Mobile Concierge App

business man using mobile concierge app

The answer is easy—simple tools. Technology has already provided simpler ways to work together and communicate more effectively. Today’s work environment is bursting with new and better ways to make us more efficient. We have become hooked on the idea that technology will continue to make it easier to find what we need, take action and move on. Enter the age of the office building mobile concierge app.

Manual concierge services are ready to be enhanced by technology.

Consider this; prestige office buildings and complexes are now competing on amenities and services. People we have interviewed who have the job of servicing tenants are run off their feet answering questions and providing information. Some have said that they are so busy handling minutiae that they cannot get ahead of it to do more strategic projects.  That is what our mobile concierge app is designed to do—handle minutiae—quickly and efficiently.

  • What are the hours of the fitness center? What classes to they offer and do I know if a class is canceled or not?
  • What food trucks are coming today?
  • I am tired of the same old thing every day for lunch—what restaurants are in the area and what is on their menus?
  • Can I have food from my favorite restaurant delivered to my desk?
  • I have just been assigned the task of booking the conference facility. What rooms are open and how do I order food for delivery?

You get the idea.

And you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of IT or bottomless pockets to put apps like this in place.

The vast majority of the features you are going to want to deploy are already in the app—so the price you pay is considerably less that the cost of a bespoke app. In fact down right cheap by comparison. Give us a call. We are here to serve. Contact Us.


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