Top 10 + Reasons Why US Illegal Immigration Proliferates

By November 21, 2016Social Consciousness

Why illegal immigration proliferates

There is a great deal of talk today about illegal immigration and how it is proliferating in the US. My research may show why this is happening. I am an immigrant—a legal one. So, all this talk about letting illegal immigrants remain in America made me do some analysis of what I gained by being legal. When I wrote out my list of things I could take advantage of as a legal immigrant I was amazed—no shocked that there was not much difference. I am beginning to wonder why I paid thousands of dollars to become a legal resident.

Here is the list I coupled together:

residency rights of non US citizens

Illegal Immigration, Is Something Wrong? I Can’t Tell.


Sanctuary cities believe no human is illegal

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

It’s no wonder the people in New York support this philosophy—they are reminded by the Statue of Liberty every day. It is not just New Yorkers though. Sanctuary cities and counties have proliferated all over the US.


map of US sanctuary cities from immigration and customs

But, US immigration policy does not support this philosophy any longer which has caused a sizeable rift in US society. According to Daniel Horowitz the Senior Editor of Conservative Review: “Immigration, especially at this juncture in time, when followed prudently and gradually can enrich this culture of common cause in pursuit of liberty.  But when immigration policy is prosecuted in such an impetuous, irresponsible, and precipitous fashion that there is no longer a common cause – that there is no longer patriotic assimilation – the America George Washington sought to establish will no longer exist.”  I think Daniel would vote to build a wall—don’t you?

Most Green Card Holders Do Not Opt for Citizenship

I am surprised by this one. According to the Department of Homeland Security an estimated 13.3 million legal permanent residents (LPRs) were living in the United States on January 1, 2012. An estimated 8.8 million of the total 13.3 million were eligible to naturalize. I cannot speak for the 20 million illegal immigrants currently in the US but if you assume the same ratios—most illegals don’t care to be citizens.  So why all the fuss?

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  • Cam Anderson says:

    In your list comparing legal to illegals, you mention “in and out privledges”. I question this, for as you know, if you are in a questionable position as an illegal, you will not leave the country for fear of not being able to return. If you believe all illegals cross only through devious means, i.e. not border crossings, then yes they can move ” freely”. I am not surprised than most green card holders don’t opt for citizenship, for I believe that most are here to earn a living and/or escaping a criminal environment in their country of origin. Most of these people do not have the financial where with-all to pay the thousands of dollars that you did to become legal. They don’t have the circle of friends and colleagues to help they through the process. Most illegals work at minimum, or below minimum wages as the legal stake advantage of their situation

    • Thanks Cam for your thoughtful response. I took the perspective that an illegal immigrant seems to be able to get in easily and therefore can get out and back in through similar methods.

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