The Growing Significance of The Concierge App

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Growing Significance of The Concierge App

When you hear the word ‘concierge’ you probably think of the person in the lobby of that nice hotel who could answer all your questions and help you find things. Today there is a quiet but growing movement by many tech companies to give people that kind of service delivered through your Smartphone. The mobile concierge app is taking many forms for different reasons and purposes. So, where is this all going? Will we someday have as many as ten concierge apps to handle all the different things that we do each day? I sincerely hope not but it seems to be headed that way.

Volvo Announces Vehicle Concierge App Service.

Take for example Volvo’s announcement that they are launching a mobile vehicle concierge service. Owners participating in a recently announced pilot program will use a mobile app to select from a range of concierge services — from filling the car with gas to going in for maintenance — and order the service via smartphone.” There rationale is very similar to a great deal of companies who are trying hard to get closer to their customers. “Our approach is a simple one — we aim to make life easier by employing the latest connected technology in an easy-to-use smartphone app,”

Facebook Announces the Social Secretary and Concierge App Feature.

Then there is Facebook who wants to be your social secretary and concierge. I am sure Facebook is doing this to make sure you never need to leave their site but they contend that people now are worse off than they were ten years ago. The complexity of the number of apps a person uses to complete a task like finding a romantic restaurant can be cumbersome. A person might solicit input from friends on Facebook, check Yelp to see the ratings and get the address, look at Google Maps to see how far it is and then Uber a driver to take you there.   Facebook says they can help with all that but they are not leaving it there. Facebook also wants to own our work-life as well as our personal life. They have also announce a new product for the work place—called “Workplace” of course. Workplace is customized to an individual company and they have over 1,000 businesses globally that already use the service.

Hoteliers Have Been at This for Some Time Now.

All the major chains have developed concierge apps or soon will. A few startup companies have been formed in the past couple of years to address this market. Marriott for instance recently announced a new digital concierge app for their 50 million rewards members as part of the rewards app. Hotel concierge apps are not new, Travel and Leisure Magazine has been tracking this trend for years.

The “Mashup” Concierge App Will Be the Next Trend to Watch.

Mashup Concierge App

Mashup is somewhat of a techie term but it is used to describe an application that is created by combining data and/or functionality from different sources. Clientry Concierge has introduced a tenant concierge app for the office building market that would be considered a mashup concierge app. A building owner or property management company would provide the app to the tenants of a building so they can easily take advantage of all the amenities and services that building provides. In addition, the app would also provide fast access other services near the building. Food delivery, emergency medical, local pharmacies, location of the nearest gas or charging station, train and bus schedules, theatre tickets, environmental controls, push notifications and many more functions all at your fingertips in one app. This type of functionality in one app is perfect for the time starved generation who want information in seconds and control over their experience. 

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