Digital Transformation and Mobile Concierge Apps

digital transformation mobile concierge apps

It may initially seem like a stretch but businesses providing their clients with mobile concierge apps is actually part of a grander strategy of digital transformation. People in the workplace today who are under the age of 45 have already adopted the use of technology in a massive way. This age group now has an ingrained expectation that new technologies will continually improve the quality of their lives or at the very least make their lives a little more fun and easier.

Enter The Mobile Concierge App

Mobile Concierge Apps have been growing in significance over the past several years but not with the enthusiasm in some industries that one might expect. The hospitality industry has widely adopted mobile concierge apps in a big way because they can see that such apps create an improved brand experience and a closer connection with the customer.

Given that the heart of any successful digital transformation strategy is improving the customer experience; one might think that adding automated concierge services is a great idea. Well, sometimes even great ideas need some time to be recognized as such and rise to the top of the priority list. There are some specific industry sectors that can take immediate advantage of mobile concierge apps as part of their digital transformation strategy. Let’s take the commercial property management industry for example.

Commercial property managers are focused on two things; leasing out available square footage under management and keeping tenants happy. Mobile concierge apps can help on both counts. Let’s take a scenario of a Class A office tower in a metropolitan area. Tenants who seek out these types of buildings want a prestigious address, all the appropriate amenities and great tenant services. A recent industry trend is to provide tenant concierge service personnel on site ensure great tenant service levels. However, when you speak with people who have a roll like this they will tell you that they are inundated with mundane and repetitive tasks that get in the way of providing the high level of service they want to provide. Now, if you have a Class A building and are hunting for new tenants what better way to show off your goods than to provide them with a mobile app that allows them to experience what life would be like in that building.

Mobile Concierge Apps Will Be Adopted By New Industries

Just as the hospitality industry has adopted mobile concierge apps as part of their digital transformation strategy so will other industries adopt this category of app in support of their digital transformation strategies. Short term care hospitals will provide concierge apps to patients and their families in order to speed patient recovery in allow family members to be in closer contact with loved ones and their care givers.  Sports arenas will provide it to their constituents to build a tighter more loyal bond with them. Athletic clubs who require practice facilities will use concierge apps as a way of keeping groups coordinated and cities will use concierge apps to better show off their amenities. The concept of conversational commerce will someday be integrated into concierge apps which will add significantly to their usefulness and expand their use to even more industries.

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