5 Top Reasons to Consider a Mobile Concierge App for Your Business

consider mobile concierge appToday, marketing organizations consider mobile concierge app in hotels, office buildings, high end residential buildings, hospitals and sports arenas to better serve their clientele. The luxury hotel and resort industry have a long history of providing concierge services—usually a person in the lobby who is available to provide all sorts of services to hotel guests. But, times are changing. Many hotel chains have been adapting technology to the provision of concierge services. The ubiquity of Smartphones today has allowed owners to actually improve services by providing guests with mobile concierge apps that provide faster and more efficient services.

A trend has recently started in the property management industry especially for Class A office buildings and complexes. Management titles such as “Director of Tennent Experience” and “Office Concierge Manager” are immerging. Hospitals are looking at ways to improve patient experiences and sports arenas are seeing huge opportunities by adopting today’s technologies to further delight sports fans.

What we are finding that in talking to organizations in all of these industries, there are five main reasons why they are considering buying a mobile concierge app:

1) Marketing departments see an opportunity to create competitive differentiation.
Marketing departments are continually looking for ways to make their companies more competitive in the market. With social media giving the power to the consumer in influencing buy decisions, improvements in customer service becomes a big part of that effort. Clients talk, or rather post, tweet and text about their likes and dislikes. Giving clients easy access to your amenities and services will go a long way to creating buzz about how great you are as a company.

2) Service personnel see an opportunity to reduce or eliminate mundane service requests.
Let’s take an office complex for example. The developer and property management company went to a great deal of trouble and expense to make their property stand out among the competition. They added amenities such as a fitness club, conference rooms and perhaps a pre-school center all in the hopes of making their tenants working hours more enjoyable and less stressful. They even put someone in charge of tenant experience just to make sure their tenants were getting the full value of what they have developed. But the tenant experience person gets bogged down with mundane tasks like making sure everyone knows when the elevator will get fixed and other items that come in a steady stream of emails. What if the tenants had an app on their phone where messages could be posted once and inform every one of the latest status or of an upcoming tenant appreciation day? They would be freed up to attend to more important things that really matter.

3) Owners see an opportunity to improve their brand identity.
When property developers construct new buildings they want to get all the space leased as soon as possible. They spend a great deal of time, money and effort to establish a brand for their new building. Mobile concierge apps for Class A and Class B buildings say to prospective tenants that this building is high tech and they truly care about the tenant experience. All to say that a branded and customized mobile concierge app is an excellent way to make their brand more widely known.

4) Tenants, guests, patients and sports fans want to use their Smartphones to get information and complete tasks.
Like the changes brought about by the printing press, electricity, horseless carriages and then the Internet, the Smartphone continues to change our daily activities and how we perform them. The vast majority of Smartphone users say that their mobile device is a part of everyday life today. And, they are downloading and using apps as a preference over search. Giving your clients what they need on a platform they prefer only makes good sense.

5) Mobile concierge apps have become very affordable.
Not very long ago the thought of purchasing or developing a mobile app immediately brought to mind costs that would exceed fifty or a hundred thousand dollars. Not so today. Developers of mobile apps are using newer technologies that make many parts of the app reusable for different customers all while allowing full branding customization. The costs have dropped considerably. Clientry Concierge has developed a mobile concierge application that allows companies to make the app their own. Branding and content management are as easy and more importantly affordable for every business.