What’s New for Brands at Clientry Concierge

Brandable Concierge Apps From Clientry ConciergeAt Clientry Concierge we realize that our concierge apps represent an extension of your brand, no matter the size or location of your target audience. We also realize that in this age of mobile devices, that phones are an extension of the person. It is extremely important that concierge apps always look their best; that is where we can help.
We have built our concierge app to showcase your brand from the splash screen to the internal features. We want you to be able to nurture relationships with your clientry so they feel part of your culture. Here are 3 factors to keep in mind when designing your Clientry Concierge Apps:

1. The first impression is most important
The first thing a user sees will be the app splash screen well before users start diving into content. Content is important but visuals are king. If they don’t like how it looks, they will turn off immediately. Great design and artwork are the foundation for successful apps. We can help of course but encourage you to design your brand layouts.

2. Sponsorship
It is increasingly important to showcase your sponsors and partners in your app. Sponsors play a vital role in most sporting venues and office parks. Take note of what is important to your sponsorship and push their content in your app. Your app is a prime real estate for sponsorship opportunities and in the long run can yield some very satisfied sponsors.

3. In-App Offers
Another important brand opportunity is to provide Offers to your Clientry in-app. As a concierge engine, Clientry Concierge provides an interface so you can add sponsor’s offers to the app on the fly. This allows you to bring as much of your brand you’re your sponsor’s brand experience into the app. The goal is to create loyal Clientry who return to the app as much as possible.

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