5 Big Ideas That Can Encourage Personal Health in The Workplace

Employers should encourage personal health in the workplace. It has been said many times—healthy people are happier and more productive. Happy, productive people lead to happy customers and healthy balance sheets. Most employers today are aware of this and do some basic things such as a subsidizing a gym membership but few do much more than that.

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There are companies however who are true believers that healthier employees have a direct link to their bottom line. As a result, a new corporate role is emerging with the C-suite title of Chief Wellness Officer (CWO). So, what does a CWO do? According to truefitness.com, “A Chief Wellness Officer’s main responsibility is to create work culture for employees to not only show up and perform, but thrive. By creating a healthy work culture, employees will be happier with their work environment and look forward to coming to work and getting their daily tasks done which is a win-win for both the employees and management.”

5 Workplace Activities That Can Improve Your Health

  1. Create a work environment that encourage people to walk between floors to attend meetings or meet up with colleagues.
  2. Set up group walks out of doors (when the weather is nice). What a great way to take a break during the day rather than sitting in the cafeteria having a coffee and donut.
  3. Bring in a massage therapist that give a massage right in your chair. You know, you see them in airports all the time. A fifteen-minute massage is better than a Red Bull.
  4. How about a yoga instructor? Bringing in a yoga instructor will give employees who have not yet experienced the value of yoga exercise a chance to try it out.
  5. Set up group learning sessions on health and nutrition—what a great way to have everyone understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. While you’re at it, remove all the junk food from vending machines and serve healthier choices.

How about making these ideas easy to implement?

Here is where technology can play a major role in helping to make the work environment healthier. Imagine a mobile application that provided an employer an easy way to notify constituents of a group activity or that can provide an employee easy access to everything that is happening—in real time. That technology is available today. Mobile apps such as those provided by Clientry Concierge are gaining in popularity with property management companies that want to enhance the work-life balance in their buildings and office parks. Make some inquiries—see if you can create a healthier work environment.

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